The Hidden Job of the M7 processor in the iPhone 5s

Apple launched the iPhone 5s a couple of weeks ago. The ‘s’ line in the iPhone range is known for it’s spec bumps and minor updates. This year however the iPhone got two distinct features that improve the usability of the phone on many levels. TouchID helps you log-in to your phone using your fingerprint. […]

Steve Jobs explained Customer Development pretty well

One of the biggest mistakes made in startups is asking people what they want. It’s not uncommon I see startups only testing their products and services. While instead they should have been asking and researching the problems. Your target audience is under constant influence. By the time you finally ship the working product someone asked […]

How to fail your startup and still make money

Building a startup will most likely set you up for failure. Even if your startup sees some traction, it’s not generating enough revenue from day one. So make money in some way. We didn’t want to keep a day job. So for us it’s client work. And it’s fun. Keeping the activities to make money […]

Measuring more than just pageviews and web events.

We’re slowly introducing our new product Intercity bit by bit. It lets you host Rails apps on your own VPS server or hardware. Doing this we’re continuously figuring out if we’re on the right track with the product if our activities are effective. Most people would probably use a tool like Mixpanel or Google Analytics […]

Why I just turned off auto updates in iOS7

I’m a fan of two-factor authentication. I use it in my Google accounts to protect e-mail. It’s a simple and effective way to secure yourself from a quick breach of your other accounts. If someone hacks your mail it’s easy to gain access to others through password resets. I wished more services offered two factor […]

How we’re launching our first payed iPhone app and some early results

A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to give RubyMotion a try to find out how to build iPhone apps with Ruby. After fiddling with some of the mandatory tutorials I got bored and decided I wanted to learn quicker by building something real. Something that would solve a problem I was experiencing myself. […]

Most startups are expensive hobbies

Yesterday I read an article about Kraft splitsing into two companies. The article was written by a Dutch source of interesting ‘entrepreneurial’ news. Kraft is a big corporation with popular snack food brands. Splitting the company logically results in two companies, of which one is new. The Dutch new sources dubbed the new company ‘the […]

Two pages is enough

I have always loved and still love reading and imagining fictional worlds. I used to write little stories about “The typewriter king” and the “The nail prince” when I was about 8 years old. I loved writing them on an old mechanical type writer that used to be owned by my grandfather. Sometimes I read […]

How I fix my founder anxiety for failure on a monday morning

Depression under founders and entrepreneurs is a topic we don’t talk about much. But almost every founder or entrepreneur I talk to knows the feeling. You’re creating something that scores max on the scale of ‘uncertainty’. And it really doesn’t matter how much of an entrepreneur or founder you are, you will experience anxiety for […]

A short primer on Experiment Design for Lean Startups

One of the things that most startups find hard to nail is creating experiments. Even worse, they start with building something and come up with an experiment based on what they’ve build. Not what they need to learn. We made this mistake as well. A few weeks ago I came across this blogpost about reversing […]