Intercity Preview: Installing a server to run Ruby on Rails

Intercity is our new server management application. It makes you and your team a better Ruby on Rails company by making server management easy. In this preview I’ll show you how easy it is to install a server to run your Ruby on Rails applications. Intercity saves you the hassle of setting up a server […]

New release of our Rails VPS chef recipes: user per app deployment

Today we’re releasing a small update to our collection of Chef recipes that we run our own servers with. You can view the v1.1.0 release notes on GitHub. The new version 1.1.0 allows you to specify a custom user per application. Before this, all applications would be deployed with one single deploy user. In the […]

Intercity preview: What does it do and how does it do it

Intercity is our upcoming server management application for Ruby on Rails teams. In this post I wanted to give you a short summary on what some of the features will be and give you a hint at the underlying mechanics that make everything work. Installing your servers for Ruby on Rails Now, the most important […]

Intercity – Our server management dashboard

Over the last couple of months we’ve been gradually evolving and building our own server management dashboard. And we’re going to share it with everyone soon. For various reasons we decided that we want to host the majority of the Rails apps we build on “traditional” virtual private servers as opposed to using Heroku, EC2 […]

Edition Press Preview: Sharing and linking individual magazine pages

Two weeks ago, we showed our first preview of Edition Press. There is another thing that is pretty damn cool when you create an iPad magazine using Edition Press. This thing comes natural to our daily browsing of web pages; and in an iPad magazine it adds something very convenient. It is the ability to […]

New PressPass 0.1.2 released: Fix for NoMethodError on Ruby 1.8.7

Yesterday, I published PressPass 0.1.2 on RubyGems. This minor release contains a bug fix to make PressPass work on Ruby 1.8.7, which is the default if you are using Mac OS X. If you are seeing an error like this: MacBook-Air-van-Michiel:~ michiel$ presspass _0.1.1_ new my_blog /Users/michiel/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.8.7-p371/gems/presspass-0.1.1/lib/presspass/cli/new_project_generator.rb:58:in `create_project_directory': undefined method `exists?’ for Dir:Class (NoMethodError) from […]

Edition Press Preview: Swiping pages and navigation

Edition Press is a WordPress framework theme that lets you create amazing iPad magazine themes. Allow users to swipe between articles, open videos from YouTube or Vimeo and more. All of this from within WordPress. We will be officially making it all available in January 2013. Adding pages to the magazine In our first release, […]

WordPress 3.5 on Pow with the new PressPass release

Hi guys, I just published a 0.1.1 version of the Presspass gem. Presspass is a little command line tool that lets you easily download and install WordPress installations. This new version supports WordPress 3.5 by default. An extra feature is that you can use it alongside Pow ( so you can run Rails apps and […]

Progress nReduce week 3: creating a landingpage for Legalweave

In the past week of nReduce I’ve created a new landingpage for our first product experiment. The landingpage is focussed on getting visitors to request a contract review with one of the legal experts. During the week I’ve changed the design quite a lot. In the progress video below I’m showing the progress from the […]