Crap. We now have a code style guide.

Why didn’t we have one? To be honest, I have never given it much thought. I know most of the teams I know have adopted a style guide. But, I never experienced that writing and reading code for our apps was a problem. My approach has always been “common sense > following rules” especially when […]

Be a beginner at something, everyday

This week I worked on my first WordPress blog theme. And it was a lot of fun. I put on my training wheels and set off into the unknown, excited. Compared to my normal development speed progress was dead-slow. But with every line of code and every search in the WordPress code documentation I was […]

Simulating external services during design and development

I’m working on an application that uses an external service to generate quotes for an order. When someone places an order, the external service generates a PDF that we save to our database. One problem is that the external service only works when I log into it and take manual action to generate a quote. […]

Backups I dream about

I dream about good backups. Backups should be encrypted Backups should be pulled from your servers, not written to another server Backups should be stored somewhere safe, where the right people can access it I’ve written down some thoughts about the difficulties with backing up: Why are backups this hard Making backups is hard to […]

Creating fancy money entry for your Rails app

This week I was working on a client project where we wanted to implement a nice way of entering an amount of money. We wanted to replace a standard text input field with something like this: In the resulting implementation, when the user types the amount in the text box it automatically splits thousands and […]

Testing your own API classes without mocking, Part 1.

Recently, I had to hook up a Ruby on Rails app to a SAP Business One installation. This involved doing things like connecting to a SOAP web service. Multiple points in my application had to make use of this connection, so I decided to write a separate class for it. Here is a simplified version: […]

Style form input placeholders using CSS3 and make them easy to re-use with SASS

Finally all modern browsers support styling form placeholders through CSS. Editing form placeholders required using some javascript or javascript library. And still, for backwards compatibility you’ll need one of the javascript libraries, obviously. This post will just focus on the CSS3 implementation. Controlling form styles through CSS Controlling the style of an form input is […]

How to create a stylish button in CSS and make it re-usable using SASS mixins

SASS mixins are a great way to keep your CSS clean and simple. Creating a mixin is actually easy and will save you loads of times repeating your code over and over. I’ll be using Bourbon Neat in the CSS code for the buttons. Bourbon is a great mixin library for SASS including many functions […]