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Airstrip helps you to go live fast and get the data you need by taking away blockers. From getting compliant to nailing the design, we got you covered.

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Minimise time spent on getting permission

Airstrip is made compliant with internal regulations, so anything built with it can quickly be approved. No time wasted on checking what tools you can use.

Execute your experiments without any blockers, at full speed. Airstrip gets out of your way when you are trying to launch your experiment.

  • Complaint with internal regulations
  • Safely hosted in the Netherlands
  • Ready for new GDPR policies
  • Prepared for auditing of data and information processing
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Quick designs that look good

Our page builder offers the right mix of flexibility and standardisation to help you build a page that matches your brand, while ensuring a professional look.

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Get your own branded theme

Next to our standard pagebuilder you can get your own branded theme in Airstrip so you can match your landing pages exactly to your brand.

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Twenty years ago ING launched ING Direct, a banking model that disrupted the industry and is still successful in many countries. These days ING keeps innovating with several initiatives, including ING’s internal accelerator based in Amsterdam, and global innovation efforts in over 6 countries with the PACE Everyday program.

How we developed an experimentation platform together with ING

ING’s internal accelerator and global innovation programs is known for being one of the most advanced corporate innovation programs in The Netherlands. But even then, ING faces the common challenges corporate innovation programs face: approval of experiments takes time, limited options for usage of online tools, which makes it hard for teams to run experiments at full speed.

To address these issues and speed up experimentation at ING, Firmhouse co-developed a set of tools: Dispatch and Airstrip. Together these tools enable teams to design the right experiments and launch them fast.

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We’re continuously improving Airstrip. Check out our public changelog.

Digital products are never done. We do regular user tests and improve the product based on that feedback. Check out our public changelog for more details.

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Airstrip works best with Dispatch - our custom built experimentation guide.

Dispatch helps people run the right experiment at the right time. Get guidance while setting up experiments, and track them all in one place. Share experiment information easily to keep everyone at the same page.

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