Put your business idea to the test.

Dispatch helps innovation teams & startups make better decisions. Set focus & priorities for your experiments, setting you up for business success.

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All your critical assumptions in one overview.

Knowing what test start by setting the right priorities. Dispatch helps you rate your assumptions and surface the critical ones you should test.

One overview of all your experiments.

Keep an overview of all your past, current and future experiments. Finished an experiment? Capture & connect all your learnings to the assumptions tested in the experiment.

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No more spreadsheets & fancy presentations

Spend significant time updating your investors & managers on your progress? Dispatch will save you time by making it easy to share your progress & learnings in easy to read formats.

Test your business idea,
the right way.

Great for founders & innovation teams.

Built for Founders, Innovation Teams and Program Managers.

Innovation Teams

As an innovation team, you balance input from many people. Dispatch helps you set focus and easily report back on your learnings & progress.

Program Managers

Managing the progress of multiple teams is time-consuming. Spend your time more efficiently by knowing where your teams stand.

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Twenty years ago ING launched ING Direct, a banking model that disrupted the industry and is still successful in many countries. These days ING keeps innovating with several initiatives, including ING’s internal accelerator based in Amsterdam, and global innovation efforts in over 6 countries with the PACE Everyday program.

How we developed an experimentation platform together with ING

ING’s internal accelerator and global innovation programs is known for being one of the most advanced corporate innovation programs in The Netherlands. But even then, ING faces the common challenges corporate innovation programs face: approval of experiments take time, limited options for use of online tools, which makes it hard for teams to run experiments at full speed.

To address these issues and speed up experimentation at ING, Firmhouse co-developed a set of tools: Dispatch and Airstrip. Together these tools enable teams to design the right experiments and launch them fast.

It's time to test your business idea the right way.

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