One place to manage your learnings & make decisions as a team.

Fast & good decision making is what sets successful teams apart. Finding pragmatic ways to explore & test your options is the mindset you have to build. Dispatch helps you go over your options and set the right focus.

For Teams

Create your assumption overview

Brainstorm and create one summary of all the assumptions you make about your business idea. What needs to be true for your business to succeed?

Prioritize assumptions on risk

Rate your assumptions on how much you know about it, and the negative impact if proven untrue for your business idea.

Launch experiments to test your assumptions

Setup the right experiments to test your assumptions and prove that you can turn your idea into a business.

Capture outcomes & learnings of your experiments

Keep an overview of all your insights in one place. Past learnings help you make better decisions in the future.

Share progress with stakeholders

Investors & other stakeholders love to help and to do so need to understand your progress. Share your learnings & priorities easily.

Access the right tools to get your experiments up and running

The best gateway to the right help to launch experiments. Pre-approved tools allow you to get you up and running fast.

Test your business idea, right.

For Program Managers

Track the progress of your program in one place

Just tracking the number of experiments is not enough. Understand how a team adjusts their plan based on the learnings from experiments.

Assess quality of experiments & learnings per team

Are your teams actually turning learnings into actionable next steps? Track what your teams learn, and how those learnings inform their next actions.

Insight into the plans of your teams

One overview of a teams' focus & priorities. See what assumptions they plan to test next and what experiments are lined up for the next phase.

Validation & invalidation, challenge teams on concluded experiments

When an experiment leads to conclusive evidence of an assumption, it's time to assess the teams' data & decision. Did they actually prove it?

Create a learning culture & organization

Ideas come and go, teams that work on them move on. Don't lose your knowledge when a team changes. Archive your learnings for later use.

Pro-actively help your teams move forward

Browse your teams' workspace and spot opportunities for helping them out. Your team might not know when to ask for your help in time.

It's time to test your business idea, right.

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