We accelerate your team towards actionable outcomes & learnings

Getting a few experiments up and running is just the start. To get real value and actionable outcomes you need to execute them properly. We join your team to help making sure you get the data you need.

We work side-by-side with your team

Running an experiment is not that difficult. But getting actionable outcomes from experiments requires experience. We will sit side-by-side with your team to help you execute your experiments properly, and get the data you need for turning your idea into a healthy business.

A network of people with the founder’s mindset

We know the right people to inject the founder’s mindset into your team. By carefully screening, training and selecting, we make sure your team gets the knowledge and skills it needs.

We bring the right tools

To execute your experiments properly you don’t just need the founder’s mindset but also the right tools. Our experts get you started on our experimentation tools, that help you keep an overview of your progress, make sure customer data is stored safely, and help teams learn from each other.

"After exploring our initial hypothesis, we tested our initial messaging via Facebook campaigns and landing pages with Airstrip."

Alexander zonneveld
Alexander Zonneveld

Senior Digital Product Manager - Philips

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Need help setting up & executing your experiments?

Need hands-on support to execute your experiments? Let’s get started. Schedule a call and we can see how we can help.