Build the experimentation mindset of a founder

In 2009 we started pioneering with the concepts of Lean Startup. We applied it in our day-to-day business, testing new ideas and capitalizing on the ones that worked. We learned that mindset is everything. Now, we want to help other founders turn their ideas into healthy businesses as well, by building the experimentation mindset.

Understand the reality in which you operate

Turning an idea into a business starts with understanding your customers and market. Great founders build their understanding by experimenting and figuring out what works, before running out of time and money.

80% of the work is knowing your next moves

Deciding what to test next can feel like voodoo at first. It’s not! Making decisions is part of the experimentation process, and having a good strategy is key to making the right ones. We help you do so by using proven tools and tricks like the business model canvas.

You can’t learn kung-fu by watching Bruce Lee movies

When you want to hone your experimentation skills observing other founders is only the start. Knowing what experiment to run when comes from experience. We help you run the right experiments and discover the real power of the Lean Startup process.

"Within the wonderful world of corporate innovation there's a lot of mentors, coaches, consultants and strategists, teaching theory "parrot fashion". This is fine if you're new to the game, but sometimes falls short when you move towards real world practises. The most valuable part about firmhouse is that you're working with seasoned entrepreneurs who have built and sold companies, these guys are the real deal and have the expertise to truly deliver with impact."

Alexander ball
Alexander Ball

Managing FinTech Consultant - ING

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Let's get that founder's mindset.

We can device a custom approach tailored to you and your team's needs. A quick call will allow us to assess what support is needed and how we can help you best.