A team that gets it done.

Everyone on the team knows how to make something work.
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A team of passionate do-ers & makers that get your product to early traction. Good products and business are build with a strategy. We ship the right features at the right time.
Evelien bc536969067c151524b7c6235630d271951be63d497713e080a0f3a4d996c3c9
Evelien Al researcher
Busy with everything user research related. Occasional RailsGirls organiser and public speaker. Likes to make cheesy house tunes in her spare time and do some creative coding.
Robbert f0e4096a250dbcc88b18799ee31f3cde4a24377f997a63179423b6f4a4feb737
Robbert van Geldrop partner
Robbert is leading the separate ventures within Firmhouse. One of the founding fathers of the Lean Startup Scene in The Netherlands. He applied many of the techniques in his company BackupAgent which he sold to Acronis in 2014.
Joshua 891a32c053c18b101a6705142e1ae1e0c8e47c0de89a3b74a127f199d17c064a
Joshua Jansen maker
Ruby Developer with an entrepreneurial background. Loves to kickstart and ship new projects. Spends his weekends on his road bike, watching football or hacking on a side project.
Bram 681680e280031f28d85e54bb36014bfaca100887afb59624abf727673e683f4f
Bram Bokdam maker
Ruby developer operating between front-end and back-end. Occasional RailsGirls coach. Loves to ride his motorbike and play squash.
Paul e947f9761bf66762a53087234fbc639675ed3c629ff234d303ff9bd6f8d8a5b3
Paul Bakker advisor
Paul spearheaded the development of the Crypto department at FOX-it. After 7 years he focussed building his company PolarSSL which he sold to ARM in 2014.
Michiel 16623be63b863b8ed987de86d75ff3864bf20789aded3cdfe420d7a462300145
Michiel Sikkes founder
Responsible for all the technical aspects of our projects and clients. He loves to prototype new products and release parts of his work under open-source licensing. The rest of the team is still not sure whether he's 100% human.
Bob 5dc63dc3a4976d09867337b6e255e452c0ac232c8a1a6f0b8ba742d6affabb90
Bob Jansen founder
Focussed on strategy and venture building. Works with founders and innovators to make their ideas happen. Accidental urban & street photographer.
Jeroen 4ce33d17b1e6272cf13b9a9588f5abaf90d2a04b72b0b2e0b3ce121fcc7fee8f
Jeroen van Baarsen maker
Ruby Developer who loves to write clean and beautiful code. Occasional RailsGirls coach & GitLab core-member. Loves to ride his shiny new motorbike and plays games on the weekends.

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