Get your landing pages up and running, fast and secure


Airstrip helps you easily set up and run landing page and early adopter sign-up experiments. It’s ideal for running proposition tests with Facebook Ads or other inbound and paid channels under your own brand. Bring your own page design or pick one of our standard templates.


Get compliant quickly

Run your landing page or customer signup experiment on a tool that will be accepted by your compliance department within hours.

Measure what matters

Find out which inbound channel or which content proposition are going to bring you the most success.

Get branding out of the way

Branding doesn’t have to take long. Provide your own designs or quickly get up and running with our predefined templates.

Build an audience

Collect early adopters that are willing to test your (beta) product or new proposition.

Send customized automated emails

Control your email ecosystem. With Airstrip you can send as many customized automated emails as you want. No need to bring in other tools or send emails manually.


Measure your progress

Use our simple analytics dashboards to get important metrics on your visitors, with reports like funnels and conversions tailored for landing page experiments and proposition tests.

Get more than just email addresses

Get more than just email addresses Airstrip allows you to get important details next to email addresses. Want to ship products? Via Airstrip you can ask for addresses as well. All stored in a safe and compliant environment.

Compliant with EU standards

Airstrip is a landing page tool built with the best consumer data protection and privacy laws in mind. We have standard agreements in place for Dutch and EU-privacy law and experience with data protection policies inside larger corporations. Airstrip makes compliance officers happy.

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