Capture user feedback with easy-to-build forms


Formbox lets you quickly publish a form online on your current website or landing page by integrating some simple HTML code. Online forms play a central role in online experiments, as they allow teams to capture valuable customer data via surveys or beta signups for their apps. All data will be stored in a safe and encrypted environment that complies with EU-data protection laws.


Gather user feedback

Forms allow you to capture valuable customer data, deliverd directly to your email or slack channel.

Easy to implement

No back-end coding knowledge needed, just basic HTML.

Compliant forms

Our forms are compliant with EU data protection laws. If you use Formbox to store your customer data your compliance officers will be happy.

Encrypted and safe

We make sure all data you send via Formbox is encrypted and safe.


Integrations with email & Slack

Get the submitted form entries straight in your mailbox and/or Slack channel of your choosing.

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