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We build healthy revenue-driven businesses, and help others build their own. We have the manpower, the track-record and the mindset to help you uncover your next business proposition.

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Show the world the new blueprint for building healthy businesses.

In 2008, Firmhouse came to life. With our pragmatic approach we've developed it into a sustainable business. We got to where we are today using our own resources, and that’s not by accident. It was intentional. It’s what we believe in, and it’s what we want to see more of in the world. Because our economy depends on healthy and sustainable businesses. On businesses that improve the lives of everyone involved, not just the shareholders. And we believe the world needs more of these. Our goal is to make that happen.

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Our principle: Revenue is the foundation

We believe in the power of businesses in improving people’s lives. Building healthy businesses improves the lives of everybody involved: customers, teams, founders, investors, and by extension the economy. The focus on early revenue makes businesses sustainable and not dependent on the next round of funding.

We enjoy seeing the occasional big funding announcements around the world; their boldness inspires us. But what matters most to us is where you get your money from. Because this influences your decisions as a business. With that in mind, we would take customers’ over investors' money, any day.

We bring pragmatism & the experimentation mindset back to business.

Building something that lasts is not rocket science. It all starts with a vision, a plan, and the experimentation mindset. Ship your product fast, talk to some people, and you're on your merry way. Where money comes from is what separates the healthy businesses from the not-so-healthy. Instead of focusing on investors, a sustainable business focuses on early revenue. Instead of relying on funding rounds, a healthy business creates a steady cash flow.

We have the manpower, the experience and the mindset to help you uncover your next business proposition. Not just with our services, but also by building the tools for testing ideas faster.

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Our core: Design, technology, experimentation & strategy.

Design and technology are at the core of today’s innovations, yet most organisations 'bolt it on' later. Young teams often hire external design and technology contractors, making them dependent on the agenda of others. Not having these skills within your team is a recipe for disaster. Design, technology, experimentation and strategy is in our DNA; a powerful combination that gives us the right skills to help you innovate and make your ideas last.

A team of skilled makers and founders.

Over the years, we’ve grown organically. But we want to go faster, and make a bigger impact on the world around us. We aim to cause a paradigm shift in the market on how to start, run and grow a healthy business. And to turn the current way of starting overhyped, non-direct-revenue type of companies obsolete. Building a sustainable business in 2019 will be as sexy as playing the hyped startup game today.

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Profile joshua

Ruby on Rails developer

Joshua is one of our developers. He is passionate about kickstarting and shipping new products, and he’s been doing that for over a decade. In early 2015, he joined Firmhouse to help get products...

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Profile jeroen

Ruby on Rails Developer

Jeroen is our developer. A few years back he joined the Gitlab project as a volunteer, before it became a company. He was Gitlab’s “Merge Marshal”, responsible for reviewing merge requests and...

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Profile paul

Partner & advisor

Paul is one of our advisors and investors. He helps us make better decisions, expand our horizon, and provides us with valuable insights.
Previously a successful in-house entrepreneur within...

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Profile bram

Ruby on Rails Developer

Bram is our developer. He is passionate about development and hacking on an occasional side project. At Firmhouse, he likes to support clients with their projects and help develop the Firmhouse...

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Profile robbert

Partner & Chief Ventures

Robbert van Geldrop is the Chief Venturing Officer of Firmhouse. He leads the venturing efforts of Firmhouse and has helped set up several ventures of this own, including Firmhouse Education. He is...

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Profile michiel

Founder & Chief Technology

Michiel is the the co-founder and CTO of Firmhouse. He is a jack of all trades and helps everyone in the team coördinate work for client projects and the development of our own products. He's also...

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Profile bob

Founder & Chief Business

Bob is founder and CEO of Firmhouse. Bob is responsible for growing Firmhouse and travels around Europe to meet founders record their stories.
On a daily basis Bob works with both startups...

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Profile evelien

User Researcher

Evelien is our user researcher. She helps us and our customers uncover real customer needs by conducting in-depth user research. Previously, she was involved in cutting-edge technology design...

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Profile yann

Product Design

Yann is our product designer. He helps us create well thought-out interfaces that put the user in control. Yann is all about personal growth: He likes to put himself in situations where he’s forced...

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