Firmhouse builds foundations
for innovation & new business.

We help businesses launch new internet products. We design, develop and test early product concepts. Integrating projects back into existing organizations and systems is what we're good at.

Firmhouse is designed to handle last minute changes and information. We build products on strong, but flexible, foundations. Just in time information is fine with us. Operating on the edge of chaos sparks our innovative brains.

Unexplored territories.

Early explorers and pioneers lacked detailed maps and weather forecasts. This made them effective undertakers in unexplored territories.

Destination unknown

Early pioneers had limited resources and information. Maps were incomplete and didn't show what to expect. This forced pioneers to prepare for the unexpected. As they explored decisions were made with the information and reality at hand.

Future unpredictable

Innovation resembles the journeys of the early pioneers. Markets and industries change rapidly, increasing uncertainty in the near future. Pioneers started without a finished plan and developed a skill to constantly deal with change and risks.

Minimize innovation risks.

Innovating involves dealing with many unknowns. You don't know, what you don't know. This creates risk. Traditional planning techniques are insufficient.

Test many options

A concept called affordable loss is used by experienced entrepreneurs to increase their success. Instead of launching their ideas on a big scale they invest in small prototypes and experiments. This minimizes risks for big failure.

Make informed decisions

The prototypes and experiments uncover what works and what doesn't. This information is used to decide on the next steps for a project. Every piece of information brings closer a innovation success.


Iterative design & development

Product Management

Application & technology management

Product Integration

Training & organizational integration.