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Make ideas last by setting the right priorities and focus for experiments. We help run the right experiments, launch your online experiments and ship the first version of your product.

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What makes experimentation hard

Executing on a new idea is hard. Going from initial signal to proof that the idea can work is all about focus, priorities and running the right experiments.

Identify the starting point for your experiment

Figuring out where to start is crucial in spending your time and effort on things that matter. You want to focus on testing real risks to your plans, and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Run experiments that get you the data you need

Identifying what to test is only half of the work. The next challenge is picking the right experiment for your learning goals, while keeping costs low and timelines short.

Delivering value on a small scale is the real proof

A big pitfall while experimenting is to fall in love with just gathering data and insights. Good experiments should get you first traction and happy customers as well.

We help you turn your idea into a healthy business.

We enable teams to learn about markets fast. We help you go from signal to evidence. No matter what skill level your team has, we help to collect proof of your idea & execute on it. Through experimentation we help you launch a healthy business.

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Build the experimentation mindset of a founder

Mindset is key to running the right experiments and building something that lasts. We built businesses before, and use our experience to help you apply the right strategy & focus.

How we help.
Experimentation training & mentoring Icon arrow right

Proven training and mentoring delivered by experienced founders

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Run experiments with actionable outcomes

Successful experiments create actionable outcomes that help you make better decisions. We help you design the right experiments, and make sure the data you collect is actionable.

How we help.
Hands-on experimentation support Icon arrow right

We join your team to execute & analyse experiments

Experiment design & tracking using Dispatch Icon arrow right

Run the right experiment at the right time

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Launch experiments & get real commitment

It's time to go beyond page views and button clicks. Paying customers are the best proof of your idea, and what great founders look for.

How we help.
Launch online experiments with Airstrip Icon arrow right

Launch your online experiments fast

Flexibly charge your customers using GoMonthly Icon arrow right

Money talks. Proof your idea by receiving customer payments

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Get your product in the hands of real customers.

After finding a problem worth solving, it's time to turn it into something people want. We help you test your solution by building a first product and getting it into the hands of real customers.

How we help.
First product launch Icon arrow right

We help create & ship the first version of your product

What our clients are saying

We work with founders across different industries, operating independently or within existing companies.

Alexander zonneveld

"After exploring our initial hypothesis, we tested our initial messaging via Facebook campaigns and landing pages with Airstrip."

Alexander Zonneveld

Senior Digital Product Manager - Philips

Alexander ball

"Within the wonderful world of corporate innovation there's a lot of mentors, coaches, consultants and strategists, teaching theory "parrot fashion". This is fine if you're new to the game, but sometimes falls short when you move towards real world practises. The most valuable part about firmhouse is that you're working with seasoned entrepreneurs who have built and sold companies, these guys are the real deal and have the expertise to truly deliver with impact."

Alexander Ball

Managing FinTech Consultant - ING

Irene rompa

"Firmhouse provided the experienced mentors we looked for during our Incubation Programme. Their network was of great value to the startups, which gained actionable insights and reality checks, accelerating the growth of their businesses."

Irene Rompa

Lead Let it Grow Entrepreneurs

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