Join the subscription economy.

Start renting out your products and sell directly to your customers. Test a subscription model when your internal departments cannot offer it yet.

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Minimise time spent on organising and start experimenting

With GoMonthly you can start renting out your products directly to your customers on a subscription-basis, without having to take care of the administrative hassle that comes with it.

Test whether a subscription-based model could work for your business, and join the subscription economy.

  • Make high-end products available for more customers that normally cannot or do not want to make a high up-front investment
  • Get more customers to buy your product by offering a “try-before-you-buy” option
  • Capture more margin on your products by offering a direct B2C proposition.
  • Become more sustainable and reduce long term costs by building higher quality products, suitable for refurbishing and redeploying
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No bank account needed

With GoMonthly we take care of all your payments so you only have to worry about the results.

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We handle new subscribers and cancellations

No need to worry about failed payments, cancellations or new subscribers. We take care of all that. The only thing you need to do is ship your product.

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By adopting an Open Innovation strategy and harnessing their relationships with institutes, academia and industrial partners, Philips leverages company-wide synergies in technology, research, design and IP to bring innovation to market faster and more effectively.

Helping Philips to test a subscription based business model

Early 2017 Philips had set out to test whether renting out their products could help their business. But teams quickly found out a lot had to be organised to start experimenting with subscriptions. Processing payments, arranging a bank account, cancellations, returns. In GoMonthly they found a quick and easy solution to arrange all of this.

Ready to see how GoMonthly can speed up your experimentation process?

Schedule a demo today and see GoMonthly in action. We will get into contact with you to check your business needs and get you started with GoMonthly!