Where co-founders meet
to build new companies
and get early investment.

Firmhouse Venture Lab offers you the space, expertise and opportunity to meet skilled entrepreneurs like yourself who are all looking for a co-founder. We invest 50.000 Euro in two startups that emerge from the program. Applications close October 31st.

Why do we run this program?

After years of startup coaching, we know the right team is essential to the success of a company. But finding a co-founder is hard. Let us do the initial vetting for you. Venture Lab is highly competitive and we spend serious time screening applicants to put together the right cohort.

If newly formed teams gain traction, the road to early investment is already paved. Whereas startup team usually spend month raising their first round, we commit two tickets of 50.000 Euro each at the start of the program.

We put founders first

Together we’ll lay the foundations for your journey as a founder. Before you become part of a great team, we train you to become a great founder.

Team up in the program

Great teams form when the right people are put together. During the program, you get to work with multiple other founders to try new ideas and test whether you work well together.

By experienced founders

Venture Lab is not only run by experienced entrepreneurs that provide their knowledge on how to start a company, but also includes coaching by a strict curated group of experienced founders & alumni.

What we offer

3.5 months of intensive workshops, coaching, knowledge and our network to help you find your co-founder and build the right team around the right venture. At the end, two of the best teams that have gained some traction with customers around a new idea, will receive an investment of 50.000 Euro.

What we expect

We expect participants to work in our offices based in Rotterdam and be present full time for the duration of the program. The program kicks off on November 26th and finishes mid-March 2019.

Apply for Venture Lab 2018

Applications close 31st of October.

Program milestones

Venture Lab is designed to be lightweight and have you actually work on building a business.

Selection event

Meet your potential cohort at the selection days, during the weekend of Friday 2, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November. This event will teach you how entrepreneurship works and serves like a ‘hacker space’; a place at which like-minded people from different areas work together. It is free to attend is your first step in getting selected for Venture Lab.

Onboarding workshops

Venture Lab kicks off on November 26th, with two weeks of onboarding workshops and activities which will teach you all the basic knowledge you need for setting up a modern venture (lean startup, business modelling, experimentation and similar subjects).


Venture Lab will finish with a Demo Day event in the middle of March, by which Firmhouse will decide which two teams that emerged during the program, will receive the 50.000 Euro investment. Numerous other investors will also attend Demo Day to listen to each team share their learnings and progress and decide whether they’re interested in investing.

Get started today with Signal to Evidence, our book on Entrepeneurship.

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The manifesto behind Venture Lab that initiated this program

In 2017 we ran the Venture Lab program as a first pilot. We felt the need for a founder friendly program in The Netherlands existed and launched our pilot in October 2017.

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Apply for Venture Lab 2018

Applications close 31st of October.